APRIL 4, 2024 | Nature, Climate, and the Economy
Sustainable Financing for Marine Conservation – Recap of Knowledge Roundtable 3

Over the last few decades, there has been a significant rise in the number of Conservation Trust Funds (CTFs) established in developing countries and transition economies across the globe. Serving as vital sources of funding for conservation, CTFs have proved to be crucial financial bridges, connecting donors to implementing agencies and playing a crucial role in conservation strategies. As Sri Lanka endures mounting pressure on public finances and explores new avenues for funding conservation efforts, CTFs have emerged as a promising mechanism that could provide long-term financing for its Protected Areas (PAs). David Meyers, Executive Director of the Conservation Finance Alliance (CFA), spoke at a recent Knowledge Roundtable organised by CSF on Conservation Trust Funds. He explored the importance of independent assessments, government commitments, fund structures, activities, and practice standards behind the deployment of CTFs, and the opportunities Sri Lanka may be able to harness through this mechanism. Read our Analytical Note Edition 3, which summarises the key takeaways and insights from David Meyers and discussion generated by the participants. Watch the full video of the session on Youtube here.

This session was the third in the Knowledge Roundtable series organised by CSF, in partnership with Blue Resources Trust (BRT). The series, launched in October 2023, aimed at enhancing knowledge on sustainable and innovative financing for marine conservation as part of a project funded by the Oceans5 consortium. This fully virtual session saw the participation of government officials, private sector representatives, marine scientists, bankers and finance specialists, researchers, civil society groups, and international organisations.

Knowledge Insights