An interdisciplinary think tank on public policy in Asia


Focussing on challenges and solutions to inclusive growth


Finding and amplifying examples of innovation and impact


Producing meaningful outputs and strategic guidance


CSF helps advance ideas on navigating the exciting, and indeed challenging, transitions in our economy that require smart pathways anchored to innovation, inclusiveness, and sustainability.

Charting a smarter future, from a low-middle country dependent on aid and concessions, to an upper middle-income economy, needs to be driven by competitiveness, inclusion and innovation, greater exposure to the global economy, and heightened consciousness of inequality and ecology.

To make this transition successfully and justly, we require greater imagination in socio-economic policies, policy implementation, and business strategies. Private and public responses must be anticipatory of future trends and anchored to real people’s real needs. Solutions to development challenges must be iterative, pragmatic and informed by evidence.


Helping to improve existing institutions ability to address contemporary and emerging issues through research, direct engagement and international knowledge exchange

Bringing much needed imagination in policymaking and savviness in policy implementation, anchored to good policy design and citizen-centric methods.

Convening public policy debates in under-explored areas among private sector, academia, think tanks, civil society and media

Ensuring economic growth approaches are more aligned to considerations of people and the environment, to address challenges to inclusion, sustainability and human dignity.

Driving solutions-oriented approaches and demonstrating signals of change, in a bid to move beyond the traditional problem-centric approach, but anchored to socio-economic and political realities.


The Centre for a Smart Future (CSF) Asia-centric hub for advancing great ideas

where young professionals work in an interdisciplinary, contemporary and solutions-oriented way. It is a virtual think tank headquartered in Colombo, with a network of practitioners, researchers, policy professionals and thought leaders across the world.



Insights and thought leadership from our network

"The Smart Future Forum features insights and thought leadership from our network of policy professionals and development practitioners on topics relating to CSF’s thematic areas. Here you will find articles, reports, essays, op-eds, interviews, and more."



Re:Wild Initiative to better consider nature in economic growth

Under our 'Re:Wild' initiative, we are working with stakeholders in business and finance, and conservation and ecology, to improve understanding on the value of natural capital and opportunities for leveraging finance to protect the environment. We bring the economics and finance professionals closer to those in environmental science and climate change. We have introduced new initiatives like climate disclosure standards through partnerships with international and local counterparts.

Knowledge insights to drive reforms in international competitiveness of the economy

Sri Lanka's performance in international trade, investment and competitiveness has lagged behind its peers. Through our knowledge insights, public engagements, and research in the areas of export strategy, international trade and investment, and economic competitiveness, we provide fresh perspectives on existing issues, and help stakeholders envision a new trajectory of outward-oriented growth for the economy

Making the technology transition inclusive and sustainable

As technology changes every aspect of our lives, shifting the narrative on what it means to forge a 'smart' economy is needed, to ensure a just technology transition that is inclusive. Through our work with think tanks and researchers in the South Asian region and beyond, we are pioneering new thinking on digital technology policies and governance, technology and the future of work, and the role of technology in trade.

Introducing new thinking in urbanisation and inclusive cities through our Colombo Urban Lab

The Colombo Urban Lab is a flagship initiative that provides a collaborative and interdisciplinary space that enables connections between research, practice and public policy.


The Centre focuses primarily on five key thematic areas, symbolised by the five quadrants in the logo.
Innovation and inclusion are fundamental cross-cutting themes, and our work in these necessarily intersecting.