MAY 3, 2024 | Colombo Urban Lab
Settlements in Colombo: Sustainability of neighbourhoods

The Colombo Settlements Survey for the year 2023 is the latest report on low income urban settlements in Colombo. The Colombo Settlements Survey, previously called the Underserved Settlements Survey, was previously conducted in 2001 and 2012 by SEVANATHA Urban Resource Centre, in partnership with the Colombo Municipal Council. 

This infographic provides an overview of the sustainability of neighbourhoods in Colombo. A total of 1,360 settlements in the Colombo Municipality were surveyed in 2023, using 27 indicators for physical infrastructure, tenure and socio-economic conditions, to assess sustainability of neighbourhoods. The findings showed that settlements cannot be characterised as underserved settlements as they have adequate infrastructure provisioning.

Read the full Colombo Settlements Report 2023


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