MARCH 23, 2022 | Economic Crisis
Credit lines would provide temporary respite but sustainable solutions needed

CSF Co-Founder Anushka Wijesinha was interviewed by Gargi Rawat of NDTV (India) to explain to an Indian audience the current economic crisis in Sri Lanka and what prospects in the near-term. He emphasised that while the Indian credit line recently signed would provide some temporary respite to the ongoing shortage of fuel and may see queues ease up in the short-term, it is far from a sustainable solution. The President’s overtures to the IMF, on seeking a bailout are welcome, but the too would take time, he argued. He recalled some key policy errors that led to some of the acute challenges being faced right now – the poorly designed and implemented ban on agro-chemical inputs and the dramatic tax policy changes after the December 2019 Presidential Elections. Watch the full interview on the CSF Youtube Channel (original video copyright NDTV, shared with permission)

Anushka Wijesinha interviewed by NDTV’s Gargi Rawat.

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